supply chain entrepreneurship

value sourcing

Tinxt undertakes entrepreneurial action in external relationship networks to design, initiate and lead the supply chains through which clients can deliver value to their customers. The rationale for clients to employ our services is threefold:


  • creating effective demand and supply of the external resources that provide value
  • power positioning and leverage in the associated supply chains and markets
  • strategic external resource management (pre- and post-contractually)


Our services are often triggered by a need to improve business performance of external relationship networks or to innovate from new supply chains within capex or opex investment programmes. Our current portfolio consists of multiple sourcing strategies for corporate and medium- and small-sized private organisations in construction, real-estate, infrastructure, and engineering services supply chains. Our team is used to work in international environments with a network spanning West-European countries, the UK, and Scandinavia. As we believe that good practice is guided by robust theory, founder Peter Tinga has been admitted as Red Belt Member of the world wide International Institute of Advanced Purhcasing and Supply (IIAPS). Peter is the first Dutch practitioner entitled with this level of professional competence.


We want organisations to become successful in their business through lively exchange relationships within their supply chains, in a sustainable manner and with joy and beautifulness. We believe success is about understanding circumstances and appropriateness with a never ending eagerness to learn, adapt and create, and driven by the human willingness to contribute. We are practitioners of superior business exchange relationships.

The Netherlands
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